The Biggest Loser

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A reality TV show in which obese individuals are challenged to lose weight
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The JW Marriott brand's commitment to health and well-being aligns perfectly with The Biggest Loser Resort program goals," said Lesley Carey, president of The Biggest Loser Resort.
This election commitment will ensure that we have the best services available to us and builds on the great work done here by the Biggest Loser.
The Biggest Loser, based on a hit American show, was first shown in Britain in 2005 on Living TV and snapped up by ITV in 2009.
Mr McLernon, who supports his partner Joanne with her property projects, spent eight weeks in The Biggest Loser house and had already trained for 16 weeks at home.
Wil, who is writing a book, laughed: "It was physically the toughest thing I'd ever done - even tougher than the Biggest Loser.
The Biggest Loser format has proved itself to be one the most dramatic weight-loss programmes of recent times, so much so that after originating with our American cousins, it's been replicated the world over - and produced some astonishing results.
The Biggest Loser is a weight loss programme which challenges 14 seriously overweight contestants (the heaviest is 31 stone) to shed huge amounts of fat through healthy eating and sheer hard work.
FAT CHANCE: LOSING THE WEIGHT, GAINING MY WORTH comes from a contestant from The Biggest Loser and tells of her journey from childhood to how she made it to the weight-loss show, where she lost nearly half her body weight and transformed her life.
95) comes from the Biggest Loser Experts, cast, and Maggie Greenwood-Robinson, Ph.
Ontario was the biggest loser in this year's Fiscal Performance Index from the Fraser Institute.
And the biggest loser of all is the Sikh community itself which, for the sake of stopping a play which would have been seen by at most a couple of thousand theatrebuffs, has got itself portrayed to television viewers around the world as a bunch of lawless thugs.