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Josh Koplewicz, the managing partner of Thayer Street Partners, stated, "ClickPay continues to exceed our original expectations, and we are excited to support its rapid growth.
Thayer, Missouri-based Bank of Thayer operates four branch offices in Missouri.
Thayer, who has over 13 years in the multifamily industry, holds specialized property management expertise in leaseups, dispositions, renovations and new construction.
In 1940, Thayer penned his account of what had happened in the early hours of April 15 1912 as a tribute to his father who had tragically gone down with the ship, printing an edition of just 500 copies for family and friends, the Daily Mail reported.
Thayer has been shooting waterfowl for almost as long as we have, but that's just the point--he shoots, we hunt.
Twenty years later, while working for Balfour Printing, Thayer decided that he wanted to use his skills to offer his clients more than any one printing company could offer, and he proceeded to launch Capitol Procurement.
The Marketing Champion Award went to Barbara Thayer, PE and RA, to honor her accomplishments at her firm, which provides architecture, engineering, landscape architecture, land surveying and planning services for infrastructure projects.
And, as Anne Thayer rightly affirms in Penitence, Preaching and the Coming of the Reformation, sermons were an important aspect of this religious culture.
Bob Thayer has already spent extensive hours in organizing the initiative and to him it seems like a natural progression of the city's growing biotechnology sector.
Lieutenant (jg) Howard Thayer, in his own Skyraider nearby, heard the distress call.
Matt Thayer was a three-sport athlete in high school until he elected to give up football before his senior year.
USC freshman pitcher Ian Kennedy, already established as the team's ace, just threw one high and inside, forcing Thayer to quickly back out and take a walk.