Tg value

Tg value,

n the transition point of glass; in dentistry, the temperature at which resin becomes soft.
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Relation of thyroglobulin (Tg) values and whole- body scan (WBS) results in all patient groups All WBSs with Tg Value Tg- Tg+ WBS- 52.
The relatively high Tg value of 160C in combination with a low Z-axis coefficient of thermal expansion of 22ppm/C (g) and 175ppm/C (>Tg) ensure that the 92ML materials survive lead free solder exposures and board reliability testing.
Samia Mora: As TG are the main lipid test that may be affected by food intake, a clinician needs to know the TG value that should be used for diagnosing and treating increased TG in the nonfasting state.
The mean serum TG value in cases with hypothyroidism was 155.
The calculated TG value of the coating with EV was computed by equation (2):
Whereas, the highest Tg value associated with EA-8 can be attributed to the presence of an even and smaller number of methylene spacers in its diamine moiety.
After 12 weeks, the fasting TG value increased by a median of 5.
Finally, an ROC curve was plotted which showed the best combination of sensitivity and specificity of postoperative Tg value for the detection of local or distal recurrence.
A sufficiently good Tg value (~100[degrees]C) was achieved by curing at 60[degrees]C for two days or 80[degrees]C for one day, regardless of cure medium.
The AHA Women's Guideline was the first to set a desired non-HDL-C level (130 mg/dL) independent of the TG value.
We attribute this to the low TG value, resulting in an overestimation of the LDL-C value.