Tg value

Tg value,

n the transition point of glass; in dentistry, the temperature at which resin becomes soft.
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After 12 weeks, the fasting TG value increased by a median of 5.
A sufficiently good Tg value (~100[degrees]C) was achieved by curing at 60[degrees]C for two days or 80[degrees]C for one day, regardless of cure medium.
We attribute this to the low TG value, resulting in an overestimation of the LDL-C value.
However, the cold bending tests at -40[degrees]C were not acceptable, which is a consequence of using polymers with a Tg value that is too high.
The Tg value for each copolymer was determined as the average temperature of the tan peaks for that copolymer.
The actual Tg value in the table is from the inflection point of the curve-not the initial onset of the DSC curve.
The copolymer synthesized by the two-shot process with 30% hard segment has a hard segment Tg value 71.
The EPDM gum treated at 5 [micro]m amplitude showed higher Tg value compared to the virgin untreated gums (ref.
The Tg value of PES-C is 244 [degrees] C, which is near that of the hard segments of PHB-PET.
As seen, increasing amounts of plasticizers cause a drop in the Tg value from approximately +63[degrees] C to as low as -18[degrees] C One can thus use Tg as a tool to assess plasticizer efficiency.
A lower Tg value is therefore obtained at a slower cooling rate.
Finding a lower than expected serum Tg value in TgAb-positive sera may indicate a truly low Tg concentration, possibly because of accelerated Tg metabolic clearance (16).