Tetragonia, Tetragonioides

genus in the plant family of Aizoaceae; contains soluble oxalates capable of causing oxalate poisoning; includes T. expansa (New Zealand spinach).
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1), collected in Rio de Janeiro in 1768, has significant antibacterial and antiviral properties; Lepidium oleraceum, collected in New Zealand in 1769, is a rich source of vitamin C and was eaten by Cook's crew to prevent scurvy; Tetragonia tetragonioides (Fig.
western sea-purslane Tetragonia tetragonioides (Pall.
Grieve, 2000 Growth stage modulates salinity tolerance of New Zealand Spinach (Tetragonia tetragonioides, Pall.
Our results are also in agreement with earlier reports on the effects of total N on oxalate content in Tetragonia tetragonioides (Ahmed and Johnson, 2000).