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Tetragonia, Tetragonioides

genus in the plant family of Aizoaceae; contains soluble oxalates capable of causing oxalate poisoning; includes T. expansa (New Zealand spinach).
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Nombre comun Nombre cientifico Ajo Allium sativum Apio Apium graveolens Berenjena Solanum melongena Brocoli, coliflor, repollo Brassica oleracea (diferentes variedades) Cebolla Allium cepa Espinaca Tetragonia tetragonoides Lechuga Lactuca sativa Pepino Cucumis sativus Rabano Raphanus sativus Remolacha Beta vulgaris Zanahoria Daucus carota Cuadro 2.
Our results are also in agreement with earlier reports on the effects of total N on oxalate content in Tetragonia tetragonioides (Ahmed and Johnson, 2000).
For example, crops such as spinach, beets, chard, tetragonia, blite, quinoa and orache all belong to the goosefoot family, Chenopodiaceae.