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0 Erytromycin -- (15 [micro]g/disc) Oxacillin -- (5 [micro]g/disc) Tetracyclin 10.
And the rise of drug-resistant bacteria is not long fostered just by direct use, or misuse, of antibiotics in hospitals or for individual therapy; nowadays, bacteria mutate also in animal environments through the widespread practice of adding penicillin and tetracyclin into animal feed to improve the growth rate of healthy animals, to reduce the amount of feed used in their diet, for animal treatment during illness, and to curb recurrent infectious outbreaks caused by livestock living in cramped and unsanitary living situations.
GAS was resistant Cefotaxime, Penicillin and Tetracyclin and sensitive to Vacomycin (Table 1).
Pharmaceticals Amoxicillin R Ampicillin R Cefuroxime R Ciprofloxacin S Clindamycin S Erythromycin R Levofloxacin S Penicillin R Potassium Clavula R Sulfamethoxazole S Tetracyclin S Trimethoprim-Sulfa S Botanicals 5-Hydroxy-1,4-naphthoquinone S Black Walnut Alliin R Garlic Arbutin R Uva Ursi Artemisinin R Wormwood Berberine S Goldenseal Caprylic acid S Octanoic acid Carvacrol S Oregano Oleuropein R Olive Leaf Quinic Acid S Cats Claw Thymol S Oil of Thyme Undecylenic acid S Undecylenic acid