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Louis-Felix, gallbladder specialist, 1837-1908.
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The move to boost production follows the addition of five new Ford retailers to Wellhouse's nationwide UK network - bringing to 22 the number of dealers selling the Terrier across England, Scotland and Wales.
Insurance coverage is different, too, Terrier points out, with the main difference that a boat or yacht policy is not an ISO policy.
The statistics, released as part of National Microchipping Month, revealed that since 2000, 20,000 dogs have been reported missing to Petlog, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers make up 12 per cent of those still missing.
Friday - Gun dogs and utility breeds; Saturday - Hounds, terriers, toys and obedience; Sunday - Working, pastoral and agility.
Terrier work causes fear, terrible pain and extreme distress to foxes being dug out and killed.
Terrier work is also considered a sport in its own right.
Terriers, the name one of two rival gangs who battle fatally, and futilely, for supremacy on the mean streets of Liverpool, manages to tread a careful, even humorous, line between being educational and preachy.
They work with Russian Kennels in Moscow to ensure that the pups are the genetically best Black Russian Terriers in the world.
Police said a brindle Staffordshire bull terrier "savagely attacked both his lurchers", one dying before it could be taken to a vet and the other having to be put down.
Terrier is the most advanced combat engineer vehicle delivering uncompromising performance from a medium weight chassis.
Interestingly, the smaller breeds such as lhasa apso, shih tzu and Yorkshire terrier do feature but in the top 11 to 20.
On Tuesday, breeds and varieties in the Sporting, Working and Terrier Groups will be benched and judged at the Piers and judging of those Groups will take place on Tuesday night, with judging of Best In Show, featuring all seven of the Group winners, to be held Tuesday evening at the Garden in the final event of the show.