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They discussed a wide range of issues related to the advantages of implementing a Telerehabilitation programme at the home of patients who suffer from heart failure, the cardiac rehabilitation programmes around the globe, the role of physical exercise as a polypill to prevent and manage almost every chronic disease, and the importance of Vitamin D, among others.
patient-managed or caregivers-managed) therapeutic methods, easy to administer within e-Health approach--as a part of telerehabilitation.
Clinical outcomes of remote asynchronous telerehabilitation are equivalent to traditional therapy following total knee arthroplasty: A randomized control study.
Programa clinico de telerehabilitacion cognitiva en el traumatismo craneoencefalico [Clinical program of cognitive telerehabilitation in traumatic brain injury].
See also Kate E Laver et al, Telerehabilitation Services for Stroke (16 December 2013) Cochrane Stroke Group, 13 <http://onlinelibrary.
muscle strengthening and stretching, balance, and postural exercises) [138, 139], occupational therapy [140], treadmill and robotic training [141-145], dance and martial arts therapy [146], multidisciplinary approaches including speech and cognitive therapy [8, 147, 148], motor imagery and action observation therapy [137, 149], and virtual reality and telerehabilitation [150].
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A telerehabilitation program by virtual reality-video games improves balance and postural control in multiple sclerosis patients.