tarsal bones

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tar·sal bones

the seven bones of the instep: talus, calcaneus, navicular, three cuneiform (wedge), and cuboid bones.
Synonym(s): ossa tarsi [TA], tarsale [TA], ossa tarsalia

tar·sal bones

(tahr'săl bōnz) [TA]
The seven bones of the instep: talus, calcaneus, navicular, three cuneiform (wedge), and cuboid.


midfoot (i.e. medial, intermediate and lateral cuneiforms, cuboid, navicular, associated joints and articulations)
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Furthermore, no signs of tibial torsion were recorded on the left body side, and the present tarsal bones were without clear signs of pathological changes.
The smaller swellings occasionally occur on either side of the surface of the hock joint at the junction of the tibial tarsal and fibular tarsal bones.
Some family members also have fused carpal and tarsal bones (in the wrists and feet) and fused vertebrae.
Davey suffered a debilitating injury to the Lisfrancs joint in the foot, where the metatarsal and tarsal bones meet.
Several tarsal bones have exostoses and changes probably caused by inflammations--in one case III and IV tarsal bones are fused, in one case III and IV tarsal bones and os tarsale centrale are fused.
Other sites of sepsis included the shoulder and humerus, forearm, tarsal bones, calcaneus, ilium and fibula.
Skeletal bones from burial chamber M4 Bone Total number Skull 2 Mandible 4 Scapula 3 Humerus 4 Radius 4 Ulna 4 Pelvis 4 Femur 7 Tibia 4 Fibula 1 Metacarpus/Metatarsus 20 Atlas 2 Axis 3 Cervical vertebrae 3, 4, 5 8 Cervical vertebra 6 2 Cervical vertebra 7 2 Thoracic vertebrae 10 Lumbar vertebrae 13 Caudal vertebrae 13 Os sacrum 2 Stemebrae 3 Phalan ges 18 Calcaneus (fibular tarsal bone) 2 Talus (tibial tarsal bone) 2 Tarsal bones 2 Ribs (Costa) 31 Table II.
The carpal and tarsal bones, other than the talus, ossify postnatally.
However, another possibility would be a stress fracture of one of the tarsal bones (the long foot bones that extend from the toe joints or metatarsals) called the navicular bone.
1) Tarsal coalition is an abnormal fibrous, cartilaginous or osseous fusion of two or more tarsal bones.
The tarsal bones were osteoporotic whereas metatarsals and phalanges had normal calcification.