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Pierre, French anatomist, 1725-1761. See: Tarin space, Tarin tenia, Tarin valve, valvula semilunaris tarini, velum tarini.
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Birkenhead-based Tarin Engineering stands to lose the money after Mayfield Construction, the contractor who developed the site, was plunged into administration.
Arthur King from Tarin Engineering at the gates to the new look Garden Festival at Otterspool Picture: COLIN LANE/TMCL220711GATES-2
Promising that he would not reduce the military's budget based on US assistance flows, Tarin said that the finance ministry needs to be kept aware for overall budgeting purposes.
Tarin said: "Mary Tyler Moore underwent a four-hour procedure to remove a benign tumour of the covering of the skull.
On this occasion, the chief minister announced that the first production unit through provincial resources would be named after Shaukat Tarin in recognition of his cooperation with the provincial government in the attainment of its financial share from Centre under the head of electricity arrears and NFC Award.
Tarin, one of the three sponsors of a bank, was appointed finance minister after the Pakistan Peoples Party formed a coalition government following the February 2008 general election.
It's also billed as a celebration of the Islamic American mainstream, Tarin said, which is peace-loving and patriotic.
Tarin said Pakistan would receive $4 billion dollars this year as part of the 23-month deal, but the agreement was still to be signed.
oThe hills of Tarin will be transformed into a golf course residential community with villas surrounding and intertwined amongst the 18-hole course,o said Peter Riddoch, CEO of DAMAC Properties.
DAMAC Properties - the luxury lifestyle provider and a leading private sector master developer - today announced its plans in Kurdistan, Iraq, with the launch of the Tarin Hills master development in Erbil.
Afghan national security forces and coalition troops conducted a raid on a known extremist compound July 10, killing more than 40 extremists in Tarin Kowt capital of Oruzgan Province,'' the U.
Thai Finance Minister Tarin Nimmanhaeminda defended Wednesday a