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Twin-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS)

A condition in monochorionic twins in which there is a connection between the two circulatory systems so that the donor twin pumps the blood to the recipient twin without a return of blood to the donor.
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TTTS is as dangerous for the recipient twin as for the donor.
But another scan at 15-and-ahalf weeks revealed the babies were suffering from TTTS.
Now, they are fundraising for the TTTS Registry, which collects data about identical twins with TTTS so medical professionals can learn more about the condition and save lives in the future.
Evaluation for treatment of TTTS with laser coagulation (preferred) or amnioreduction should take place after the diagnosis is made, along with increased fetal surveillance.
The twins were monochorionic diamniotic (MCDA) - which means they share a single placenta - and in the letter the trust states that it admits that abdominal pain in women expecting MCDA twins can be the first indication of the development of TTTS.
The charity has launched a new appeal to raise funds for a research project to develop the UK's first TTTS registry.
Just as Amy and Alan were getting used to the idea of being instant parents of two, at her 18-week scan her consultant at Liverpool Women's Hospital said there was evidence of TTTS.
When the annualized rate of 600+ MMC repairs and laser ablations for TTTS couples with various low-volume fetal surgeries done for selected, rare anomalies, U.
3, 26) Finally, many people who suffer exposure to impulse noise are left with a condition called tonic tensor tympani syndrome, or TTTS.
In cases where TTTS is present, the patient should be referred to a specialised unit.