TO virus

TO vi·rus

theiler Original virus. See: mouse encephalomyelitis virus.
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This new video delivers the message that everyone is vulnerable to virus attacks: at home, in the office, on laptops, and on handhelds.
Last summer, headlines proclaimed that widely popular e-mail programs like Microsoft's Outlook 98 and Outlook Express, as well as Netscape Mail, and Qualcomm's Eudora, are vulnerable to virus attacks.
Contribution of virus-specific CD8+ cytotoxic T cell to virus clearance or pathologic manifestations of influenza virus infection in a T cell receptor transgenic mouse model.
Further structural and functional studies should be performed to investigate this aspect and its relation to virus virulence.
For many years, some plant virologists have been using an unofficial binomial system for referring to virus species (as well as to viruses).
Emergence or reemergence of viruses may be due to virus evolution, to the impact and influence of human populations on previously undisturbed ecosystems, or to better recognition.
In addition, large areas of wetland habitats in Cape York would be conducive to virus enzootic cycles and would increase the potential for the virus to move south to more populous areas of Australia (39).