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n tensor fascia lata; a muscle that originates from the anterior superior iliac spine and anterior portion of the iliac crest. Its primary functions include flexing and abducting the thigh.
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Also announced in January was Arauco's planned purchase of Suddekor's paper treating business in Biscoe, NC, giving the company the ability to impregnate decorative paper with melamine based resin for the production of its TFL panels.
Based in Weil am Rhein, Germany, TFL has approximately 950 employees operating in subsidiaries across three continents as well as production facilities in Argentina, Brazil, China, France, India and Italy.
The campaign showcased several Pee Wee football teams during NBC's Sunday Night Football halftime programming through a series of 20 humorous, light-hearted TFL vignettes that began September 9, 2010.
TFL Italia, a subsidiary the German leather chemicals group TFL, selected ToolsGroup's DPM solution for an aggressive finished goods inventory planning and optimization project systematically addressing its entire production and distribution network.
We believe we may have an opportunity to realize better value from TFL 46 today by selling it.
Liquids Pipelines Acquisition: On May 20, 1999, TFL finalized the acquisition of the Porcupine Hills, Border Lateral, Border Extension and Tanghe Creek gathering facilities (the Liquids Pipelines) from a subsidiary of TransCanada.
The Cutbank J-T Plant is 100 per cent owned by TFL and was constructed by Chevron.
The AAC for TFL 46 is set at 535,000 cubic meters, a reduction of 24,000 m3 reflecting the removal of the Walbran area for park purposes and constraints involving application of the Forest Practices Code.
The decision on new protected areas included the designation of Clendennning Park in the upper Elaho Valley, which was removed from Interfor's TFL 38.
However, the government announced today that a Community Resource Board will be formed to manage currently unallocated old growth timber in the Cowichan area, some of which may offset the timber lost with the removal of the Walbran area from TFL 46.