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In our case, also on FLAIR image bilateral white matter lesions in centrum semiovale and in corpus callosum were better observed than the T2-weighted image (Figure 1).
On the sagittal T2-weighted image with FLAIR, an increased signal was noted in the parietal cortex in the post-central gyrus and fornix, mamillary bodies and peri-aqueductal region.
With T2-weighted image it is possible to assess the cochlea, the semicircular canals, the internal acoustic meatus and the cerebello-pontine angle.
An axial T2-weighted image (Figure 1) from that study showed a well-defined 2-cm left parotid lesion with high signal intensity.
On the T1-weighted image, the tumour showed homogeneous signal intensity equal to that of muscle; on the T2-weighted image, it had heterogeneous, low signal intensity with crack-like high-intensity lesions (Fig.
Pneumatocysts demonstrate generalized hypointensity on both T1- and T2-weighted image acquisition sequences, without associated enhancement on T1 postcontrast gadolinium sequences.
On MRI, rice bodies have been described as having iso-or hypointense signal intensities relative to skeletal muscle on T1-and T2-weighted images, and the rice bodies were less discernible from the surrounding bursa fluid on T1-weighted image and clearly discernible on T2-weighted image.
A T2-weighted image demonstrated a large, amorphous, heterogeneous, hyperintense mass that involved the left pharyngeal mucosa; the parapharyngeal, vascular, and retropharyngeal spaces; the deep substance of the parotid gland; and the base of the tongue (figure 3, A).
So it appears that in order to generate a robust, truly T2-weighted image, the 180-degree refocusing pulse should be retained.
Both lesions were homogeneous and had nodular areas and isointense to adjacent muscles on T1 and T2-weighted images.
With T2-weighted images, the tumor is homogenous in signal intensity, with cystic or degenerative changes.
On MRI, the CAD lesion usually demonstrates low signal on T1-weighted images and hyperintense signal on T2-weighted images.