t'ai chi

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tˈai chi (t·ä·ē dzhē),

n Chinese movement art practiced to strengthen and develop balance, flexibility, cardiovascular functioning, and to build and circulate qi.
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T'ai chi ch'uan class, taught by Doria Cook Nelson, invites you to take part in the Chinese art of yin and yang and relax mind and body, 6 p.
Four-week t'ai chi ch'uan class sessions are offered 6:30 to 7:30 p.
Fitness classes by the Los Angeles Parks and Recreation Department at Balboa Sports Center in Encino are offered in senior fitness, t'ai chi ch'uan, stretch and tone, tae kwon do, hatha yoga, weight training and beginning golf.
A 37-year-old black belt who calls himself a ``modern day monk,'' McNeely teaches tae kwon do and t'ai chi ch'uan to about 50 students in his two Simi Valley studios.