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systematically (sis´təmat´iklē),

adj done in a well-organized, carefully followed pattern of procedure.
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Table 3 lists, in descending order, the fifty companies with the largest (negative) MES systemic risk measures.
They estimate a forward-looking, risk-neutral measure of systemic risk in the insurance industry, the distress insurance premium.
The Geneva Association recognizes the importance of creating a more stable financial system and supports the G20-led efforts to address systemic risk.
Appreciating this direct correspondence between systemic risk and financial stability, the literature on system-wide risk management is gaining currency in academic as well as practical circles.
The CMRA should elaborate the framework and analysis the new authority intends to use to assess systemic risk in securities markets, it should focus on enhanced market monitoring and contributing to macro stress testing, and it should commit to publishing regular reporting on its systemic risk assessment.
Furthermore, it refers to systemic risk as the failure of one participant in a payment system or in financial markets to meet its required obligations which will cause other participants or financial institutions to be unable to meet their obligations, including settlement obligations in a payment system.
To keep pace with global developments and enhance focus on promoting and ensuring financial stability, both SBP and SECP have joined hands for strengthening financial system stability and managing systemic risk.
It became clear that there was systemic risk in the OTC derivatives market when AIG's near-failure precipitated a $180 billion taxpayer bailout.
There are many definitions about systemic risk, systemic risk contribution and systemic important institution.
Dr Nikos Paltalidis, of the University of Portsmouth Business School, who led the research published in the Journal of Banking and Finance, said: "The European banking system remains highly vulnerable and conducive to financial contagion, which implies that the policies designed to reduce systemic risk are not necessarily doing the job.
The authors call for better measurement and data on systemic risk is well noted.

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