Paul R., 20th-century U.S. pediatrician. See: Swyer-James syndrome, Swyer-James-MacLeod syndrome.
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Swyer Studios and School of the Arts, a leader in dance education.
2) Swyer syndrome should be included in the differential diagnosis of complete androgen insensitivity syndrome (CAIS) and 17a-hydroxylase deficiency syndrome, which also present with a 46XY karyotype.
Alan Swyer has been writer, director, and/or producer on films ranging from HBO's award- winning "Rebound" to "The Buddy Holly Story;" "Alfred Hitchcock;" and the award-winning "Spiritual Revolution.
Little cosensus exists about which approach is best; however, it is largely agreed that rates of bullying and victimisation vary according to measurment methods (Cole, Cornell & Sheras, 2006; Griffin & Gross, 2004; Swyer et al.
A unique consideration in patients with dysgerminoma or choriocarcinoma is the possible diagnosis of XY gonadal dysgenesis, or Swyer syndrome.
Simple 46,XY gonadal dysgenesis, also called Swyer syndrome, is a very rare condition, and has been estimated to occur in approximately 1/100 000 people.
Director Alan Swyer is a former boxer, which helped him get an amazing 80-plus interviews with ring legends, promoters and trainers.
reversal cases, whether due to AIS or Swyer syndrome or another DSD,
3) (5,6), aberraciones numericas, sindrome de Swyer, premutaciones de X fragil (7), galactosemia, cariotipo 47,XXX (8), polimorfismos del gen del receptor de FSH (9), variantes de la proteina morfogenetica de hueso (BMP15) (10).
It is well documented that SJS is a rare syndrome characterized by unilateral hyperlucency of one lung, lobe or part of a lobe which was first described in 1953 by Swyer and James (2) and further detailed by MacLeod (and called Swyer-James-MacLeod Syndrome (SJMS)).
Swyer James, Macleod ya da tek tarafli saydam akciger sendromu, bebeklik veya cocukluk caginda siklikla adenovirus infeksiyonu sonrasinda ortaya cikan bronsiolitis obliteransa bagli olarak gelisen nadir bir sendromdur.
Swyer Theatre, the Empire Center at the Egg, sponsored by the New York State Writers' Institute and the College of Humanities and Fine Arts, University at Albany; at the Barbra Streisand Festival in San Diego featuring Hal Gould in 1995; in 1996; as a staged reading at the Florida Atlantic University Library Series in 2000; at the Empire Center at the Egg in Albany, New York, in a memorial performance directed by Rebecca Kaplan and sponsored by SUNY Hillel in 2005; as a staged reading at the Spertus Institute in Chicago and at the Milwaukee Public Library in 2005, both presentations directed by Sandy Shinner.