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(1) An extramarital relationship more driven by physical gratification than by polyamory—the desire to develop emotionally involved relationships with extramarital partners
(2) An alternative lifestyle for consenting adults who enjoy social recreational sexual activities with others, most often on a couple-to-couple basis, but may also involve singles, with full knowledge and mutual consent of both partners
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One of the posters advertises George's appearance, after his record feat, at the Arcadia where he gave a performance of sword swinging as part of a variety show "on the stage that made him famous" , sharing the bill with acts such as Jack Lloyd, "the original singing collier" and juvenile comedienne Miss Dolly Lancaster.
One caution though, when you position your swing, allow room for the swinging motion but also consider the dismount your chickens make, because there is a fair amount of "kickback.
Your brain remembers what you used to do last fall when you were really ripping it, but it was warm and you had been swinging all spring and summer, says Pelz, who also teaches execs.
Thirty-five of the sites in Swinging Bridge at The Chapin Estate are directly on the waterfront.
Others may be able to begin the swinging movement on their own by pushing with their feet against the ground, and once moving may coordinate the motion of their legs and body in what may be called "pumping" to sustain the movement of the swing.
Swinging your driver like cutting down a tree with an axe, you will incur diverse poor shots including nasty slices.
Visualise swinging through the target to the farther focal point.
If the chair had been swinging, his head would have been constantly banging against it.
The emphasis must be a sprinting action off the hurdle, which is initiated and controlled by the speed of the arm action, particularly the trail-leg arm swinging backward.
It is to his credit that Gaines, who has been exposed to the high-octane dance skills of the rest of the cast since rehearsals started, has managed to rein in his own burgeoning dance proficiency to remain a convincing stumblebum in a room full of swinging experts.