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Richard L., U.S. dermatologist, 1878-1952. See: Sutton nevus.


Richard L., Jr., 20th-century U.S. dermatologist. See: Sutton disease, Sutton ulcer.
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Sutton was preceded in death by his parents; a brother, John Sutton; and a sister, Dorothy Colbert.
The fall of her junior year, a classroom friend started telling Sutton about the girls' lacrosse team, which was in need of players.
We encourage residents who wish to play a part in the new governance arrangement for Sutton to come forward as independent candidates.
Edmund Blake Barton became the first school superintendent in Auburn and Sutton on July 1, 1902.
e statement, made in the House of Commons, followed a campaign by MP Andrew Mitchell and others to restore the status Sutton Coldeld has enjoyed since the time of Henry VIII.
The event attracted businesses as diverse as logistics, energy conservation, transportation, lighting, IT solutions, marketing and even a company involved in the fashion industry and culminated with a free lunch, compliments of Sutton Chamber and the Sutton Tennis Academy.
At a time when few African Americans went into the law, Sutton opened up his own practice that aggressively defended civil and human rights activists in New York and elsewhere around the country," says friend Rep.
The South Western Region, an affiliated member of the North American Retail Hardware Association, has set up a fund to help the Suttons cover Kara's college expenses.
Jeff Schwartzberg represents the core of Sutton & Edwards' business philosophy.
The court heard Mr Sutton raped a woman he met in Neath in May at the woman's house.
Sutton says the lower D Zone has also been expanded since the fall of 2005.
Sutton first outlined some of the reasons why a small-animal model of HIV disease would be beneficial.

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