Super Size Me

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A 2004 American film produced, directed, written by and starring Morgan Spurlock, which documented a 30-day period during which he (1) ate only fast food and (2) stopped exercising—to mirror the average sedentary individual. The documentary intertwines the drastic effects of the 'diet' on Spurlock's mental and physical health, while examining the nutritional content of food marketed by the fast food industry
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IT was difficult enough to stomach as a viewer, so it must have been a nightmare week for Giles Coren and Sue Perkins (pictured) to live and eat their way through (Edwardian Supersize Me, BBC2, Monday - first shown on BBC4).
In Supersize Me, could writer-director Morgan Spurlock have avoided many of his health problems by applying common rules of good nutrition to making his selections from McDonald's menu?
Consider Supersize Me, a well-publicized film by a man who ate only McDonald's food for a month and gained 25 pounds.
Hamish McAlpine, whose box office hits include Supersize Me, appeared drunk as he veered across lanes and broke the speed limit.
IF FAHRENHEIT 9/11 FOCUSES ON THE FICTIONS FED TO US BY the White House, Supersize Me is a giant warning label about the menu being served at the Golden Arches.
Additionally, according to Nielsen EDI, documentaries including Winged Migration and Supersize Me have all achieved box office numbers in excess of $10M, thereby fueling Sauza's interest in the medium.