superior mediastinum

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su·pe·ri·or me·di·as·ti·num

part of the mediastinum lying superior to the horizontal plane intersecting the sternal angle and approximately the T4-5 intervertebral disc (that is, above the pericardium); it contains the arch of the aorta and the vessels arising from it, the brachiocephalic veins, and upper portion of the superior vena cava, the trachea, the esophagus, the thoracic duct, the thymus, and the phrenic, vagus, cardiac, and left recurrent laryngeal nerves.
Synonym(s): mediastinum superius [TA]

superior mediastinum

the upper part of the mediastinum in the middle of the thorax, containing the trachea, the esophagus, the aortic arch, and the origins of the sternohyoideus and the sternothyroideus. Compare anterior mediastinum, middle mediastinum, posterior mediastinum.
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Here, we reported a male patient, whose imaging studies revealed an ectopic parathyroid gland, located in the lower part of the superior mediastinum, below the innominate vein.
Chest CT detected free air particles around the clavicle and sternum, in cervical region, between muscles, at subcutaneous tissue, in peritracheal and esophageal region, at superior mediastinum and anterior thymus, at retrosternal localization, around of arcus aorta and its branches, in mediastinal and deeper neck fascia's without any positive findings of intestinal perforation.
Postero-anterior radiographs of the neck and superior mediastinum may show marked bulging of the cuff beyond the normal confines of the trachea.
It arises from upper posterior oesophageal wall and protruded into superior mediastinum through an anatomically weak point called as Killian's triangle.
17] Abscess in the Antibiotics, superior mediastinum, thoracotomy with contrast leakage from debridement of the the aorta into the mediastinal tissue, mediastinum aortic homograft patch, resection of the esophagus Authors Follow-up Chao et al.
Tuberculous lymphadenopathy of superior mediastinum causing vocal cord paralysis.
The highest upper mediastinal cyst is defined as cysts that are located in superior mediastinum, where anatomical relations of cysts are complex.
A plain chest X-ray showed gross widening of the mediastinum with a well-defined homogenous opaque shadow predominantly involving superior mediastinum.
Anatomically, this organ is situated at the anterior superior mediastinum, exactly behind the sternum and in front of large blood vessels.
The usual location is the right cardio-phrenic angle but can also rarely be found attached to the left cardio-phrenic angle (25% cases), or can even rarely protrude into the posterior, or superior mediastinum (8%).
1, 2) displayed a large mediastinum, computed tomography showed 13x9x11 cm lobulating, heterogeneous hypodense mass in superior mediastinum that compressed left superior pulmonary vein (Fig.
It begins at the base of the skull and terminates in the superior mediastinum (1,2).

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