Tanning Bed

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A bed or booth fitted with UV lights that emit UV-A, and lesser amounts of UV-B radiation, homogeneously delivering maximum light in the minimum time
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The tests establish how much ultraviolet radiation (UVR) the sunbeds produce, which can increase the risk of developing skin cancer.
There is a large body of evidence to suggest that using sunbeds increases your risk of skin cancer," said Dr Anton Alexandroff, a consultant dermatologist at BMI The Manor Hospital, Bedfordshire (bmihealthcare.
People often get a bit burnt by sunbeds but we're seeing more severe injuries.
Thus, the news that a large proportion of young people remain unaware of the damage sun or sunbeds are doing to the health of their skin is surprising; and it is clear many do not know how to protect themselves.
Tests on sunbeds across the Stratford-on-Avon Dis A - trict revealed 33 per cent of salons visited had one or more beds that were emitting UV radiation above the acceptable British Standard.
There is growing evidence that teenagers and young adults are using sunbeds before landmark events such as communions and debs dances.
Durham County Council offi-cials checked 229 sunbeds in 88 premises and found 140 emitted UV levels above the legal limit.
The latest NHS guidance says many sunbeds give out greater doses of UV rays than the midday Mediterranean sun.
He was found guilty of two offences under the Sunbeds Regulation Act 2010 and eight offences under the Sunbeds Regulation Act 2010 Wales Regulations 2011.
Before youngsters were banned from using sunbeds, shocking figures by charity Cancer Research UK revealed that in England, on average, six per cent of 11 to 17-year-olds used sunbeds.
Estimates suggest that around three million UK adults have regular sunbed sessions and, according to the industry's trade body The Sunbed Association, sales of sunbeds have gone up this year.