summary judgment

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summary judgment

Etymology: L, summa, total, jus, law, dicere, to state
(in law) a judgment requested by any party to a civil action to end the action when it is believed that there is no genuine issue or material fact in dispute. Summary judgment may be directed toward part or all of a claim or defense and may be based on the proceedings in court or on affidavits or other outside materials.

summary judgment,

n a legal course of action in which a judgment can be made against a defendant without hearing any testimony from said defendant.
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No matter how egregious the conduct appears to be, it's crucial that employers engage in an appropriate investigation, consider all the contextual factors and then decide whether summary dismissal is warranted.
The complaints mounted until the most outrageous accusation led to Debbie's summary dismissal in June 2005.
Earlier in the litigation, SensorMedics and Pulmonox had successfully defended against a requested preliminary injunction and had won the summary dismissal of multiple patent infringement claims brought by patent licensees INO Therapeutics, Inc.
The case underwent summary dismissal in a Columbus, Ohio, federal district court on January 28, 2003.
Had I been counsel for the Catholic parties in this case, I would have made a motion to the judge to immediately dismiss the request for the injunction as well as a cross-motion for summary dismissal of the entire case on the grounds that the court did not have jurisdiction to hear this matter.
Photos of the women--B&W mug shots and color records of their violent deaths--punctuate these interviews in mute denial of such summary dismissal.
Peter Bulmer, director of environmental services, added: "I concluded the matter was so serious it required summary dismissal.
condoned Mario's behaviour by failing to deal with it promptly and in writing, he cannot now rely on Mario's work shortcomings to justify summary dismissal.
Not everyone would share this concern, but it merits more than a summary dismissal.
Tenure, granted after a trial period, protects educators from summary dismissal and is considered key to the concept of academic freedom.
The Civil Service Regulations Section G, Rules of Conduct sub-section G22, stipulates that absence from duty without permission will be regarded as very gross breach of discipline which may render an officer liable to summary dismissal.
Of Vasiliev's summary dismissal, said Danilian, "Really, it was the same five years ago, what they did to Grigorovich.

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