Suicide by Cop

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A popular term for the intentional use by an individual of threatening behaviour toward law enforcement officers, such that they kill the individual in what they believe is self-defence
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And, of the 62 cases noted, no data existed that conclusively determined if any of the offenders attacked the officers in an attempt to commit suicide by cop.
Before 1990, the term suicide by cop was not commonly used by the public or the media in reporting law enforcement incidents involving the use of deadly force.
From their research, the authors have developed a definition of suicide by cop based on UCR guidelines.
As with any other serious crime, law enforcement agencies must thoroughly investigate incidents suspected of meeting the criteria for a suicide by cop or attempted suicide by cop.
In some cases, people apparently committing suicide by cop have left notes explaining their actions.
The American website Suicide by Cop says the effect on a police officer can be devastating.
A crisis played out as a hostage/ barricade incident or suicide by cop constitutes a desperate act--an attempt at problem solving, however misdirected and unconstructive.
Questions arise concerning whether a shooting is necessary or avoidable in any police shooting even when it is attributed to suicide by cop.
As a result, the authors found a need to further study the phenomenon of suicide by cop.
The concept of hidden suicide illustrates the complexities of suicide by cop.
Most relevant to the concept of suicide by cop is the phenomenon known as victim-precipitated homicide.
It appears to be suicide by cop, but I am only speculating,'' said sheriff's Lt.