Suicide Bombing

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A bomb attack on people or property, delivered by a person who knows the explosion will cause his/her own death
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Suicide bombings staged in the south Afghan town of Tarin Kowt, Uruzgan province, left at least 19 dead.
This study," the pair writes, "reveals that the effect of education and income on attitudes depends on the country and the target of suicide bombings.
In the conceptual map of French sociologist Emile Durkheim, suicide bombings would fall in the category of altruistic suicidal actions -- distinct from other types of suicidal actions caused by personal catastrophes, hopelessness and psychopathologies that lead people to believe life is not worth living.
We, the undersigned journalists of Pakistan and defenders of press freedom around the world, condemn with the utmost firmness all recourse to suicide bombings in the middle of crowds of civilians that result in the deaths of innocent people, including media workers," the appeal added.
Although no one has yet claimed responsibility for either of the attacks, both bear the hallmarks of previous suicide bombings carried out by Islamist militants from the restive region.
Summary: A double suicide bombing at a university campus in Pakistan's capital on Tuesday killed up to seven people, including the two bombers, an administration official said.
The main motive for many suicide bombings in Israel is revenge for acts committed by Israelis.
Robert Pape's research suggests that suicide bombings have no relation to religion.
ALMOST a quarter of young Muslims support suicide bombings, according to a shock new poll on an internet website.
Speaking to a Saudi TV channel, they confessed to facing serious psychological pressures to carry out suicide bombings.
In recent weeks, the Pakistani Taliban have claimed responsibility for a string of suicide bombings in revenge for military offensives in the north-western region that borders Afghanistan.
Suicide bombings in Iraq appear to be perpetrated largely by non-Iraqi volunteers from Saudi Arabia, Europe, Syria, Kuwait, Jordan, and North Africa, and the targets are generally either Iraqi security forces and Shia civilians rather than coalition forces.