suicidal ideation

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the formation of ideas or images. adj., adj idea´tional.
suicidal ideation recurring thoughts of or preoccupation with suicide.

suicidal ideation

Suicidality Psychiatry Mental thoughts and images which hinge around committing suicide. See Suicide.

Patient discussion about suicidal ideation

Q. Should they still be having suicidal thoughts? Hi there, if someone who has been diagnosed as a rapid - cycling bipolar is on Epival, should they still be having suicidal thoughts and is there anything else that could be added in terms of medication to stabilize them?

A. Seek help right away when suicidal thoughts begin to creep in. It is important to pay attention to them right at the beginning and seek help right away so they dont get too bad. Like the others said there are a lot of medications that can be very helpful. My partner is also a rapid cycler and is on and antidepressant, a mood stabilizer, an anti psychotic and an anti anxiety medication which is working well/ However like the rest she needs enough sleep and enough excercise to keep her stable

Q. Bipolar disorder will have a suicidal thought. People who are affected by Bipolar disorder will have a suicidal thought?

A. probably...sorry to say this but there is a good chance that they'll have thoughts about suicide. in the depression episodes it's even common. this is why it's very important to diagnose and treat that condition.

Q. I think I am a Bipolar.Help me to diagnose my bipolar disorder. Hi, I am Andrew 14. I think I am a Bipolar, I have really bad phases of depression inc. Self harm bulimia and suicidal thoughts as well as phases of hyper activity and huge screaming rows . Can anybody help me to diagnose my bipolar disorder?

A. Thank you for sharing Andrew,
A self diagnosis will not be of any help to you. If you believe you may be suffering with bipolar disorder it is time to make an appointment to see your doctor and ask for a referral to a psychiatrist. A psychiatrist will be able to properly diagnose you and get the proper treatements started. I would look into councelling as well. It helps to combine the medications with theropy, both individual and treatement. I wish you all the best.

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