Sudan III

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Su·dan III

(sū-dan'), [C.I. 26100]
A red stain, used for neutral fat in histologic technique; it also stains the fatty envelope of the tubercle bacillus.
Synonym(s): Sudan red III
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Tenders are invited for Supply of Chemicals -Picric Acid Solum, Diazo Reagent A, Diazo Reagent B, ISO Octane (2,2,4-Trimenthylpentane), Ethyl Acetate, Zinc Oxide Emplura, Isolation & Identification of oil soluble colour, i) Ammonia, All Solution of Reference colour:- Sudan-1, Sudan III, Sudan IV, Quinoline Yellow, Metanil Yellow, Methyl Orange (PH Indicator), Silica Gel G for TLC, Silver Nitrate Extra, Sucrose, Boric Acid Exrapure, Methanol, Buffer Tablet PH-4, Buffer Tablet PH-7,
These vacuoles were positive for Sudan III, Sudan black B, oil red O, Nile blue, periodic acid-Schiff, Schultz test, and digitonin stain, and were negative for performaric acid--Schiff stains.
On frozen sections, the thrombi stain positive with Oil Red O and Sudan III stains.

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