Subway Diet

A weight-loss regimen that hinges on consumption of low-fat, low calorie sandwiches produced by Subway, a fast-food franchise
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After dropping nearly 250 pounds with exercise and the Subway diet he created, Jared became a spokesman for the sandwich chain and an inspiration to Americans in pursuit of a realistic way to lose weight and become more healthy.
SLIMMING AID: A Subway sandwich THEN AND NOW: Carsten Renken before his Subway diet and (inset) after nine months of eating just their sandwiches
He actually tried the Subway diet -- no truth to the rumor he was trying to cut in on former teammate Reggie Bush's endorsement money -- before he joined forces with USC strength and conditioning coach Chris Carlisle, who never really had Washington under his guidance on a full-time basis.
Hi, I'm Jared and I lost 200 pounds on the Subway diet," he boisterously claims.
I thought the Subway diet meant you missed a meal because you were commuting.