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objectivism (b·jekˑ·ti·vizˑ·m),

n principle of modern biomedicine according to which the one observing is separate from what is being observed.
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Furthermore, both materialistic and idealistic substantialism are degenerate forms of dualistic substantialism.
By the same token, if one advocated substantive moral principles, then there would be no place for the procedural principles of liberty and tolerance to have primary importance--what we termed "pure substantialism.
In this respect it contrasts with substantialism, the dominant ideology of feudalism, which was based upon the serf (servant)/ lord opposition.
As Shigenori Nagatomo has persuasively demonstrated, "The Sutra introduces a third perspective in order to avoid the positions entailed by either substantialism or nihilism.
Despite the enormous efforts to which he goes to avoid anything that reeks of substantialism, Brzozowski in defining the notion of "labor" cannot however do without supplementary images, such as: the hollow stony night before us, or: the hostile environment with which man grapples in wresting from it the pieces of his freedom.
So I would say that the effect on philosophy would be to widen the meaning of the verb "to be" beyond substantialism, which was ultimately the great exploration of the medievals regarding the verb "to be.
As we have seen, he regards this principle as being of the utmost importance, distinguishing the modern moral and political outlook from the substantialism and unselfconsciousness of the ancient.
The main core of the book consists of a thorough examination of two options for dealing with these deontological concerns: substantialism and subjectivism.
First, he articulates well why substantialism continues to reign in the realms of psychotherapy (contra Freud, at least in the human potential and self-realization movements), religion (at least fundamentalist and certain forms of liberal Protestantism), and conservative politics.
Given Hindu insistence, however, both inevitably accept such substantialism in their models, although in different ways.