stunned myocardium

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stunned my·o·car·di·um

impaired myocardial contractile performance following a period of ischemia and ultimately reversible.

stunned myocardium

a condition of impaired myocardial contractile function, cellular biochemical characteristics, and microvasculature function in the absence of gross myocardial necrosis. It can last for minutes to days and is caused by ischemia that is either brief or occurs in the area immediately outside an infarct zone.

'stunned' myocardium

Transient–hrs to days in duration postischemic contraction defects that follow myocardial reperfusion in acute MI. Cf Hibernating myocardium.
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The calcium sensitizer levosimendan improves the function of stunned myocardium after percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty in acute myocardial ischemia.
1-192] [the primary cTnI degradation products observed in stunned myocardium from isolated rat hearts (4, 12, 13)] in human serum were resolved alongside each patient's samples.