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Surname of a patient in whom the Stuart or Stuart-Prower factor was first discovered.


surname of the patient in which factor was first discovered.
Stuart factor - Synonym(s): Stuart-Prower factor
Stuart-Prower factor - factor X. Synonym(s): Stuart factor
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The quintessential girls-next-door, Gigi, Joan and Lily personify the confidence, empowerment, beauty and ease of women wearing Stuart Weitzman shoes.
After Stuart died in 2013, John Hancock ultimately reimbursed the bank $3 million for premiums paid.
Maybole FC's website featured a tribute to Stuart - a large image of him celebrating in a No10 jersey.
In season finale of "The Big Bang Theory" Season 7, Stuart moved into Howard's house as Mrs Wolowitz's caregiver, after his comic-book store burned down.
Sir Stuart was personable, very articulate and very experienced in politics and he had a bit of class.
In Hamburg, the book In Conversation with Stuart Sutcliffe will be launched to commemorate this anniversary and highlight Stuart's importance as an artist in his own right.
RE/MAX of Stuart was only the third RE/MAX franchise to open in the state of Florida 30 years ago.
Stuart plays a gay office manager whose sexually confused coworker (Jonathan Bray) asks him for advice when he begins questioning his heterosexuality.
In 1948, Bishop Stuart invited Semakula Mulumba to dinner as a paternalistic political initiative.
We want to give him a strong foundation and keep him motivated,'' says Stuart, who lives in Sherman Oaks with his wife, Kim, Atreyu and 1-year-old daughter, Shiyanne, who did not inherit the disorder.
Stuart was set to play the role of Aragorn but co-star Sean Astin has revealed that early on the Dublin-born star was unhappy with his casting BEFORE getting the sack from director Peter Jackson.