string of pearls

‘string of pearls’

descriptive of the raised, rolled border of a basal cell carcinoma
References in classic literature ?
Natasha looked in the direction in which her father's eyes were turned and saw Julie sitting beside her mother with a happy look on her face and a string of pearls round her thick red neck- which Natasha knew was covered with powder.
She was wearing a wonderful black satin opera cloak with pale green lining, her maid had touched up her hair and wound a string of pearls around her neck.
When Prissy Andrews, attired in a new pink-silk waist with a string of pearls about her smooth white throat and real carnations in her hair--rumor whispered that the master had sent all the way to town for them for her--"climbed the slimy ladder, dark without one ray of light," Anne shivered in luxurious sympathy; when the choir sang "Far Above the Gentle Daisies" Anne gazed at the ceiling as if it were frescoed with angels; when Sam Sloane proceeded to explain and illustrate "How Sockery Set a Hen" Anne laughed until people sitting near her laughed too, more out of sympathy with her than with amusement at a selection that was rather threadbare even in Avonlea; and when Mr.
Penelope, on the other hand, more simply dressed, save for the string of pearls which hung from her neck, had the look of a creature from another world.
Her teeth, splendidly white and admirably even, looked absurdly out of place, like a string of pearls on the neck of a ragged tramp.
Although famous for singing that 'diamonds are a girl's best friend,' one of Marilyn Monroe's most treasured pieces of jewelry was a simple 16-inch string of pearls given to her by Joe DiMaggio during their honeymoon in Japan.
Caption: Mariposa: The String of Pearls 2-Tiered Seafood Server, made from 100 percent recycled metal, is designed to serve oysters, mussels and clams on ice.
The companion piece of Mrs Sikes shows her in a low-cut dress with a lace collar, wearing a string of pearls over her bust and pearls in her hair.
According to Huw van Steenis, banking analyst at Morgan Stanley (NYSE : MS), 'Too many banks had dreams of a string of pearls, but they didn't really make much of a necklace.
But on the flip side these projects being strategically planned at critical ports in the Indian Ocean the much-discussed string of pearls theory' have led to conjectures about China aiming to have a geopolitical supremacy over her regional rival India.
Her 1950's outfits, including the string of pearls, are often the subject of ridicule but she sticks to wearing them 'for fun'.
CRG CE Johan du Toit commented The signing of the MoU with ZGMP is an exciting progression in the development of CRG that complements the work that the company is undertaking to advance its string of pearls strategy along the 40 km strike at the heart of the world-famous Witwatersrand goldfield.