strict vegetarian

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strict vegetarian

Etymology: L, stringere + vegetare, to grow, arius, believer
a vegetarian who consumes no animal products, including meat, fish, poultry, dairy foods, or eggs. All foods consumed are plant-based, including fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, grain, and soy foods. Such diets, unless adequately planned, may be inadequate in many essential nutrients, particularly vitamin B12. Also called vegan.


A vegetarian who consumes only plant foods (vegetables, fruits, grains, beans and nuts) and no animal products (meat, fish, dairy products, eggs). Vegans are at risk for vitamin B12 deficiency; vegan adolescents may not meet energy requirements during the growth spurt, and become deficient in vitamin B6, riboflavin, vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, zinc, iron, iodine and trace minerals.

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Q. Is raw vegan diet good for health? If not, why? Hi I am fond of raw vegan diet. Is raw vegan diet good for health? If not, why?

A. Undoubtedly raw vegan diet promises light weight and healthy bones. Interestingly, individuals’ consuming raw vegan diet has had a low bone mass. People who consumed raw vegan diet have a low body fat, lighter bones, higher levels of vitamin D and reduced levels of inflammatory makers. The underlying risk is that they are more prone to osteoporosis and osteopenia (severe bone loss).

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12]-deficient breast-fed infant of a strict vegetarian.
Lord Paul, a strict vegetarian who lives by simple Hindu principles
The troupe then kept to a strict vegetarian diet and performed various rituals to two of their emperor gods.
I have seen women throw up their hands in panic and despair when informed at the last minute that the husband has invited his boss, who is a strict vegetarian, to dinner.
Morrissey, a strict vegetarian and animal rights activist, had at go at Johnny - who is fronting an ad campaign for burger chain McDonald's - during a gig at the National Stadium in Dublin last week He played a video of Joe Dolan singing Oh Me, Oh My before taking to the stage and telling fans he was delighted the concert venue was meat-free, but said: "I see Johnny Logan is still advertising McDonald's - the world is full of crushing bores.
The 'RocknRolla' director has also told strict vegetarian Madonna she must not criticise children Lourdes, 12, Rocco, eight, and David Banda, three, for eating a traditional Christmas lunch of turkey and ham.
I'm a strict vegetarian, so vegetables, soya milk, Quorn, grapes, apples.
Since the body manufactures the proteins it needs from amino acids, Lane states that we don't need a lot of protein in our diet and that all of it can be obtained even in a strict vegetarian diet.
Dominic, a musician, artist and juggler, was committed to animal welfare and was a strict vegetarian.
Indeed, humans ingesting a "lacto/ovo" or a strict vegetarian diet for several years have been shown to have decreased plasma L-carnitine concentrations.