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Farmers and researchers can interpret the IRT data by using one of several indices, including the commonly used crop water stress index (CWSI).
The parents of the children selected to participate in the study were interviewed by two psychologists, specialists in neurodevelopmental disorders, who administered the Parenting Stress Index (PSI; Abidin, 1995).
Scientists interpret the IRT data by using one of several indices, including the commonly used Crop Water Stress Index (CWSI).
In general comments on the preparation and conduct of the march, Ms Hunt criticised a risk assessment completed more than two weeks before the exercise for failing to incorporate weather conditions or to identify a heat stress index for the march.
The heat stress index is produced by factoring in air temperature, humidity and surface temperature.
LeafMon calculates the Crop Water Stress Index (CWSI) using a set of formulas that take into account the complex interactions of the environmental variables.
1 per point increase in the stress index for duodenal ulcers (95% Cl, 0.
During most of the fourth quarter of 2014, the Cleveland Financial Stress Index (CFSI) remained in Grade 2 (a historically normal stress range).
2]: CTD = Canopy temperature depression = T[degrees]C air -T[degrees]C leaf, [degrees]C; DSI = Drought stress index, HSI = Heat stress index.
Using cross-sectional data collected by The Ohio State University's Consumer Finance Monthly survey between August 2008 and December 2010, we construct a debt stress index and categorize households into three groups based on the length of credit card indebtedness.
Financial markets still grossly underprice risk, with the Volatility Index just above 12 and the Fed Financial Stress Index at surreal low levels, life is Hunky Dory Bubbliciously Rosy.
FAO's yield calculations, based on remote-sensing data and the Agricultural Stress Index (ASI), indicate a yield level at 1.