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This result shows the inhibitory effect of the two antibiotics on development of Streptococcaceae.
arrow] Bacilli class: [up Prevotellaceae was arrow] Streptococcaceae enriched in alcoholic family: Clostridia class: cirrhosis patients when [up arrow] Veillonellaceae compared with HBV and [down arrow] cirrhosis patients and Lachrtospiraceae family healthy controls.
Bacterial families which were present in two tissues with biofilms were Alteromonadaceae, Propionibacteriaceae, Streptomycetaceae, Streptococcaceae, Enterobacteriaceae, Comamonadaceae, and Flavobacteriaceae and may thus be interesting candidates for further analysis as initiators of chronic wound infection in dogs.
Gram-positive, catalase-negative cocci were identified as belonging to the Streptococcaceae family and subjected biochemical tests according to QUINN et al.
Los germenes cocos GRAM positivos, catalasa negativos; se ubicaron en la Familia Streptococcaceae, y a los cuales se les realizo las pruebas de Esculina, CAMP e Hipurato [3, 13, 16], FIG.
Microrganismos das familias Staphylococcaceae e Streptococcaceae foram identificados de acordo com HOLT et al.