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There are currently 16 streetcar lines operating as public transit in the United States, but depending on how you count there are as many as 80 cities with streetcars in the planning or development phase.
TIF has become a popular way to subsidize all sorts of private developments, ranging from residential subdivisions to shopping malls and from streetcar lines to sports stadiums.
Construction has begun on two streetcar lines in D.
We are now seeing construction cost figures for streetcar lines of $40 million per mile and for light rail sometimes of more than $100 million.
Previous generations enjoyed the benefits of private industry - services like a streetcar line that passed through Burbank and Glendale - because government was smaller, Myers said.
On May 20, 2000, the refurbished trolley was back on the tracks in regular TCRT service on the Como-Harriet Streetcar Line.
Transportation progressed with the first horse drawn streetcar line built along Washington Street in 1887.
As much as I like to see a new light rail or streetcar line celebrated (see photo right), I have reservations about the safety of the performers and the convenience of the riders.
The River Rail streetcar line planned to operate in and link together Little Rock and North Little Rock downtowns will be instrumental in spurring tourism and economic development.
As much a part of Portland's identity as roses and bridges is the city's light-rail system, new streetcar line, and pedestrian-friendly downtown.
Charles Avenue streetcar line, which has been in operation since 1832.
Part of the waterfront will include a 1-1/4 mile, wheelchair accessible streetcar line.