Street Nurse

A nurse who treats homeless people, prostitutes, drug users, and other denizens of the street, exchanges needles to reduce the spread of HIV or hands out condoms to reduce STDs
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A Myrtle Street nurse cradles this baby girl in November, 1969
Stands from more than thirty different Trust services will be on display and a Street Nurse will be on hand to talk to people about minor health queries until 3.
The brave tots - called "my little fighters" by their loving mum Angie - had just undergone a gruelling 14-hour operation to separate them and were still sedated in intensive care as the Great Ormond Street nurse went about her job.
IN THIS MOVING volume, Cathy Crowe, a long-time downtown Toronto street nurse, has assembled a series of interviews with recent homeless activists in Toronto interspersed with her own sympathetic commentaries and experiences.
But it's not just medical issues the street nurse team are dealing with.
The new Street Nurse scheme has been launched by NHS Ayrshire and Arran to target members of the public who would not normally visit their GP about their bulging waistlines.
TORONTO -- Cathy Crowe, street nurse and advocate for the homeless in Toronto was awarded the Atkinson Charitable Foundation economic justice award.
CORONATION Street nurse Martin Platt is set to send temperatures soaring with a steamy affair involving a 16- year-old schoolgirl temptress.
Cathy Crowe, Street Nurse, Toronto Disaster Relief Committee THURSDAY, MAY 9: 9:00 a.
She has worked as a street nurse through the Queen West Community Health Centre for the past 10 years, providing medical care to homeless people.
The program volunteers include a retired street nurse, who is the cathedral's liaison person.