Strawberry Fields

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A regional street term for LSD, after the Beatles song by the same name
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BEATLES' fans were celebrating yesterday after police found the gates to Strawberry Fields Children's Home.
Yet according to a lawsuit filed in 1979 by Public Citizen, a Ralph Nader group, the Department of Labor published regulations that permitted ten- and eleven-year-olds in potato and strawberry fields to be exposed to the residues of some twenty-five pesticides, including many that produce birth defects, impair growth, and damage the reproductive system.
Early last week, the California Department of Health concluded their investigation of strawberries, citing that all samples taken from strawberry fields have tested negative for Cyclospora.
AVACANT residential property opposite the world-famous Strawberry Fields Gates is among the lots going under the hammer at the next Sutton Kersh auction in Liverpool on Thursday, September 11.
The entrance to the former children's home in Woolton, immortalised by The Beatles classic Strawberry Fields Forever, had fallen into disrepair and a decision was made to replace them with hand-crafted replicas made by a local metal work specialist.
The statue was unveiled two years ago in the city where Lennon wrote Strawberry Fields Forever.
VENTURA - A record number of California's strawberry fields will be harvested this season because mild temperatures brought a fast start to the growing season.
THE ELECTRIC SPIRIT, Strawberry Fields, Glasgow, October 13
But at Glasgow nightclub Strawberry Fields, a strange occurrence takes place each Sunday night.
The Liverpool home has become a place of pilgrimage for fans from around the world after being immortalised in the song Strawberry Fields Forever penned by Lennon in 1967.
Strawberry Fields, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Hey Jude, Help, I Wanna Hold Your Hand and Yesterday are just some of the songs lined up for Beatlemania's concert at the Benn Hall.
Following a summer of union harassment by AFL-CIO sponsored organizers in the fields and at their homes, workers from California's strawberry fields have called on their friends to support them in their effort to prevent the UFW's pursuit of illegal sweetheart deals with growers.