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adjective Referring to a rounded, dark red or occasionally dark green mass or lesion, punctuated by light-coloured dots, which mimic a strawberry (fruit, Euonymus americanus) in colour and/or appearance
Drug slang noun
(1) A regional street term for a depressant
(2) A woman who trades sex for crack or money to buy crack. Also known as a raspberry
ENT noun Strawberry angioma A nasopharyngeal haemangioma may occur in children, causing airway obstruction; rarely, if the blood volume flowing into a haemangioma is large, the arteriovenous shunt may cause cardiac decompensation
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Pectin is naturally found in most other fruit but strawberries are a low pectin fruit so additional pectin is required when making strawberry jam.
The weather however still does play a part - last year, with the extremely cold Easter, our strawberry crop was two weeks late, whereas this year, with the very mild winter, our crops were two weeks early.
This recipe is from Sweet Eve to help support Breast Cancer Care's Strawberry Tea campaign.
It differs from other strawberry species of the region, having hairs on the upper side of its leaves; a different-shaped middle leaflet; comma-shaped, small brown fruits, achenes, on the strawberry surface; and 10 sets of chromosomes, unlike the eight sets of chromosomes of the commercial strawberry.
For chef Judi Gallagher's strawberry shortcake recipe, go to this story at sarasotamagazine.
I first had the idea for a strawberry club sandwich when I'd just started working at The Weavers Shed.
Strawberry Cooler 4 strawberries 50 ml of cranberry juice 25 ml of apple juice Dash of lemon juice 2 teaspoons of honey Mash strawberries together with honey in a mixing glass.
FOR a really quick dessert and one that everyone will love try this strawberry and almond flake trifle from Carnation.
In addition to the food and music, the festival will feature some 200 artisans and craftsmen, and farmers will show visitors the right way to plant a strawberry patch.
The fruit itself is highly perishable and would be difficult to preserve, but samples of fossilized strawberry seeds have been found.
The biggest strawberry eaters are the over-45s and children under the age of five.
The new, unique variety of strawberry, which is better suited to the UK climate than traditional ones, was developed by Italian growers.