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adjective Referring to a rounded, dark red or occasionally dark green mass or lesion, punctuated by light-coloured dots, which mimic a strawberry (fruit, Euonymus americanus) in colour and/or appearance
Drug slang noun
(1) A regional street term for a depressant
(2) A woman who trades sex for crack or money to buy crack. Also known as a raspberry
ENT noun Strawberry angioma A nasopharyngeal haemangioma may occur in children, causing airway obstruction; rarely, if the blood volume flowing into a haemangioma is large, the arteriovenous shunt may cause cardiac decompensation
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The price of strawberry remain high in the month of February and drop as the weather turns warmer after March.
For NT$600 (US$20), you can pick your own strawberries, learn how to make strawberry jam, take home NT$200 worth of strawberries and a jar of jam, and eat lunch.
html) initial fortuitous pollination , these two species were crossed, giving rise to the cultivated strawberry we eat today, (http://www.
On Tuesday, farmers are still clearing strawberry fields here.
Apart from the fruit, pectin is the next most important ingredient when making strawberry jam.
Combining the best of summerfruit, erlenbacher's Strawberry & Raspberry Yoghurt Slices are the ideal light bite with an abundance of real fruit pieces topping a yoghurt cream ripple and soft cake sponge.
La Trinidad is also known for being the "salad bowl" of the North and the "Rose garden" of the country aside from being the top producer of strawberry in the country.
Strawberry cultivated during the month of October and it started giving fruits in January till late March and that the fruit maturity period was short and ranged from 30 to 40 days.
In terms of what's resonating at retail, strawberry trend spotters like Cindy Jewell, director of marketing for California Giant Berry Farms, also in Watsonville, have determined that bigger is better.
STRAWBERRY SORBET 350g sugar 250ml water 60g of glucose 500g of strawberry puree METHOD Place all of the ingredients except the puree in a pan and bring to the boil remove from the heat add the strawberry puree and churn.
This recipe is from Sweet Eve to help support Breast Cancer Care's Strawberry Tea campaign.
Relative to commercialization, breeders would need to combine the species with other strawberry species before making a cultivar.