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city in Sweden where the syndrome was first reported in 1973.
Stockholm syndrome - emotional involvement that occurs between hostage and perpetrator.
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The two City Line stations, Stockholm City and Stockholm Odenplan, will be important interchange centres and provide new travel opportunities.
The city of Stockholm has recognized that by building inward, mapping green structures, and recognizing the value of surface water filtration, it can accommodate growth while puffing its green structure to ecological use, protecting biodiversity and providing extensive recreational parks for residents.
Some researchers suggest that the transference that occurs as a part of the Stockholm Syndrome commonly develops during intense life-or-death situations.
Stockholm Business Region Stockholm Business Region is the official investment promotion agency for the Stockholm region, one of Europe's most dynamic regions.
Inspired by airport cities in Amsterdam, Dallas and Hong Kong, Stockholm Airport City will also incorporate an apartment hotel, a congress centre catering for 1,500 people, 100,000m2 of office space, a craft centre and housing expo.
Like the Stockholm building, both include a great portico, a main public entrance that leads to the interior.
Now SIME operates in Stockholm, Amsterdam, Vienna Barcelona, Helsinki, and a growing number of cities throughout the world.
The Stockholm Junior Water Prize nominating committee cited Mulroy's work for "an outstanding contribution to the contemporary science of drinking water quality and microbial drug resistance.
STOCKHOLM -- The Millennium films have generated substantial aggregate economic effects in the Stockholm region in terms of marketing, jobs, trade and tourism.
Stockholm Waterfront Aims to be First Eco-Labelled Conference Centre
3] Learning from the Stockholm Exhibition of 1930, rather than searching for new forms, they advocated a Modernism that was derived from the specific British milieu, which for them was the Picturesque tradition.
Schmiedt in the final of the Stockholm Junior Water Prize.

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