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Abbreviation for scaffold-associated regions , under region.


Abbreviation for sarcosine.

specific absorption rate (SAR)

Etymology: L, species, form
(in hyperthermia treatment) the rate of absorption of heat energy (W) per unit mass of tissue in units of watts per kilogram (W/kg).

structure-activity relationship (SAR)

the relationship between the chemical structure of a drug and its activity.


Abbreviation for:
search and rescue 
seasonal allergic rhinitis
secondary attack rate
sinoatrial rate
slowly adapting receptor
sodium adsorption ratio
specific absorption rates
standardised access ratio 
staphylococcal accessory regulator
subjective analysis return 
survival after recurrence
suspected adverse reaction
systemic anaphylactic reaction


1. Sarcoidosis.
2. Scaffold attachment region. See Matrix attachment region.
3. Sexual Attitude Reassessment.
4. Standard admissions ratio.
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Under this plan, which covers the period from 7 May to 31 December 2010, Kasbar may exercise up to 94,360 stock options and convert up to 616,910 stock-settled stock appreciation rights (SSARs) and sell the shares acquired from such exercise and conversion.
Under the statute, if "disqualified persons" own 50% or more of a SESOP's stock, including stock deemed to be held through the ESOP and synthetic equity (options, restricted stock, stock appreciation rights, etc.
The problem stems from this: The fixed stock option, as an equity instrument, differs significantly from performance plans and stock appreciation rights.
However, the final regulations exclude cash settlement options, phantom stock, stock appreciation rights and notional principal contracts from the definition of options for Sec.
As part of the arrangement, it was anticipated that B and C (A's parent and the parent of the consolidated group that included A) would grant nonstatutory stock options and stock appreciation rights (SARs) to the partnership employees, under B's and C's stock incentive plans.
Phantom stock options, stock appreciation rights and other stock options not viewed as outstanding under the proposed regulations could be available for QSub employees and independent contractors.
The Service has not changed some of its proposed regulations' positions, including that phantom stock plans are nonqualified deferred compensation plans, while stock appreciation rights and stock option plans are generally not nonqualified deferred compensation plans.