State Terrorism

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(1) Terrorism carried out or sponsored by a government, which involves deliberate attacks on civilians, for the purpose of attaining a political or religious goal
(2) Acts of violence committed by an official state, military or sponsored by a sovereign government outside of the context of a declared war, which target civilians or show a disregard for civilian life in attacking targets—either people or facilities
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But the Home Secretary warned that with the Islamic State terror group's grip on the Middle East weakening, it was encouraging followers to bring the war to British soil.
ISLAMIC State terror bosses may have organised the Manchester bomb attack nearly two years ago.
Syrian Kurdish Officials Warn Of Islamic State Terror Threats For New Year's Holiday
Singapore Warns of Islamic State Terror Nexus in Southeast Asia.
krd) - As the preparations are underway to liberate the City of Mosul from the so-called Islamic State terror group, thousands of families have returned to their villages in Zummar, Nineveh Governorate, after Kurdish forces liberated and secured the area.
military leaders remain unclear as to size and capability of Syrian and Kurdish militias Washington is depending on to lead the fight against the Islamic State terror group in Syria .
The Islamic State terror group has claimed responsibility for the killing, describing the two knifemen who slit the throat of Father Jacques Hamel, 85, and injured an 86-year-old parishioner as its "soldiers".
There was one clear warning sign that Europe was facing the spread of Islamic State terror and it came from the alleged mastermind of the attack, Abdelhamid Aba'oud.
Their topics include poverty as a crime against humanity: international poverty law, human rights, and global justice from below; the road to San Fernando: theoretical frameworks as to forced migration and forced displacement within the context of global justice and human rights; Mexico, Colombia, state terror, and paramilitarism; and the right to community autonomy, justice, and security in Mexico and Colombia as a form of resistance.
News that Mr Corbyn, who opposes British military intervention in Syria, was to meet Mr Obama came as the President said the US and Britain were ready to take action to stop the Islamic State terror group securing a stronghold in Libya from which to launch attacks on Europe or America.
Obama specifically mentioned that the terror group al-Qaida has long sought nuclear material, while individuals involved in the recent terror attacks in Europe showed interest in getting nuclear material, and the Islamic State terror group has already used chemical weapons in Syria and Iraq.
Following the announcement that the Islamic State terror organization (ISIS) had orchestrated the terror attacks in Brussels on Tuesday, in which at least 31 people were murdered and hundreds injured, Palestinian Authority Security Forces Spokesman Adnan Al-Damiri suggested that Israel was behind the attacks, as documented by Palestinian Media Watch.
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