Springer spaniel

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As you move into the second generation crosses, whereby a Sprocker is bred with another Sprocker, the carrier status can be passed down and if both Sprockers are carriers, there is increased risk of the puppies showing diseases carried by both Springer Spaniels and Cocker Spaniels.
And, though she has bred, raised, trained, and AKC hunt tested springer spaniels for 25 years, she says that the Sussex spaniels are her favorite dogs when gunning for any kind of local upland gamebirds.
Cardiff North MP Craig Williams and Welsh springer spaniel Winston who hopes to be |named Westminster Dog of the Year
211015BDOG_06 JULIAN HUGHES Christine Dickinson with her Springer Spaniel Ruby, hurt after chewing the Golden |Bear Hunt plastic ball left in Honley Old Wood
Lichie the German Shorthaired Pointer | Reuben the Springer Spaniel
SPECIALISED Springer spaniel Barra hunts for evidence
Gary Ford hasn't seen his English springer spaniel, who would now be six years old, for more than two years after his marriage broke down amid the stress of his condition.
Word on the web Tyler the springer spaniel has been reunited with his dog handler Simon Mallin in Cardiff after they worked as a team in Iraq and Afghanistan POWER to all dogs and their brave handlers.
I agree with reader Barnett Donoho that omitting the springer spaniel from the April/May issue was an oversight.
He is a 19-month-old springer spaniel and will now pound the streets with PC Liam Sewell.
He was rescued by the English Springer Spaniel rescue group.