Spring Water

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Water obtained from a natural spring, which may be bottled and sold to the public, or in which a person bathes for alleged therapeutic benefits
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Rexam's Cap Can provides an ideal canvas to showcase Noah's Spring Water brand, with a label that highlights its attributes and features bold blues with bright, contrasting white, yellow and silver highlights for a clean, attractive and identifiable look from all sides of the container.
We are sure that Welsh customers will love our new spring water and make Ffynnon Yr Ystog part of a healthy lifestyle.
With AT&T RFID Service, Spring Water On Tap also will be able to enhance the efficiency of distribution routes for its water delivery units, so that trucks are always dispatched to service customers in need and do not make unnecessary checkup stops.
Sainsburys Orange and Mango Flavoured Sparkling Spring Water, 1 ltr, 86p
The plaintiffs charged that Nestle duped consumers by advertising that Poland Spring water comes from "some of the most pristine and protected sources deep in the woods of Maine.
As Zenith, tel:0125 542 2050, say, whilst registration is voluntary, it is expected that their system will soon become the de facto register for all spring waters in the UK.
People perceive spring water to be a premium product," Heaton said, "because it is in limited supply.
Celebrities and commoners alike would travel by train to the hotel for a regimen of health food, exercise, massage, mud-pack treatments and plenty of spring water.
The campaign, which will include TV, online, print and radio, reinforces that all of the Nestle Waters' regional 100% natural spring water brands -- Arrowhead[R], Deer Park[R], Ice Mountain[R], Ozarka[R], Poland Spring[R] and Zephyrhills[R] -- have special origins, are naturally filtered beneath the earth, contain a distinct blend of natural minerals that impart a unique taste and are of high quality.
Commenting on the move, Antrim Hills Spring Water operations director, Peter Geary, said: "This is an immensely important contract for the business because it gives us a very strong presence in a marketplace where demand for premium quality water is developing very strongly because of concerns about water quality there.
Made mostly from paper instead of plastic, h2O Spring Water bottles use less energy in their production and shipping, and can be recycled in a process called hydra pulping.