Spirit Guide

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The spirit or non-material entity of a physician from another plane of existence, who allegedly speaks through a psychic—or spiritualhealer—on this plane, and provides him/her with the information needed to treat patients
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The Raven segment of Encyclopedia of Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico by Mark Cross is illustrated with The Reason Why along with her explanation of Raven calling her to the Southwest to draw and collect first person stories of interactions with this clever corvid and iconic spirit guide.
But he credits much of his success to an open heart and a connection to his spirit guide that he met during a "strange and profound experience" in Arizona.
Billy is helped along by the Crow, his spirit guide.
Faith is a powerful thing and I believe that God does have a plan for the Presbyterians of the world--if nothing more than to remind our fellow Christians to focus on that "Rock" and continue to share in God's Word and let the Holy Spirit guide us through the decades to come.
Dead to Me is a disturbingly funny story about a man and his troubled relationship with a psychic and her spirit guide.
Jessie Parker, cowgirl and spirit guide - at your service.
For all those who idolize (and thus dehumanize) physicians as omnipotent, emotionless wielders of life and death, Siegel's disarming disclosures about clairvoyance, the healing power of art, and his spirit guide, George, will be as jarring as those moments when film actors "break the fourth wall" and start speaking, as themselves, into the lens.
SPIRIT GUIDE J Duffield has high hopes for Jessie's Spirit
Kingston, who was spiritual adviser to Marilyn Monroe, held a seance and was told by his spirit guide that Cruz and boyfriend Javier Bardem are about to become parents.
If I have sex with him, and Sam his spirit guide is with him, does that make it a threesome?
Its Hope Street tour, on which a costumed spirit guide leads an unwitting party around the area's scariest haunts, has some special hosts this weekend.
I HAVE been trying to connectWith my spirit guide and have been asking questions such as "who are you, how do I know there is anyone with me and please show yourself to me".