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An exercise performed on a stationary bicycle adjusted to various resistance, simulating different road pitches
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The spinning reserves market is highly specific to a grid system and depends on generation or load events.
That proximity, of the disk is another indicator that the black hole is a whirling dervish, spinning so rapidly that outside material can orbit within a hair's breadth of ultimate doom.
Open-end spinning machine, specifically manufactured for short staple fibers, was considered a good rival because of much higher production and better evenness of the yarn.
The spinning moment is more extended and blurred, but I'm also fascinated by the peak moment.
The booth features a wooden loom and two spinning wheels, along with nubby woolens, a fluffy angora sweater, felt elf boots and raw handfuls of wool, silk and cotton.
Besides a positive climate for labor substitution, commercial expansion encouraged industrial leaders to tinker with prevailing notions of work and gender--to break the link of man to the loom and woman to the spinning wheel.
Spin([R]), Spinning([R]), Spinner([R]) and the Spinning logo are registered trademarks of Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc.
The room-temperature spinning process works because the polymer chains get knotted up during spinning.
There is real satisfaction in starting with a ball of fluff and ending up with a sweater,'' said Barbara Robbins of Fall River Mills, who has been spinning for 18 years.
She adds Spinning to her weekly routine of step aerobics, water aerobics, weights and time on the power treadmill.
Those include rolling the dangling, spinning yo-yo along the ground "walking the dog", swinging it back and forth through a triangle of string "rock the baby, and swinging the flinging yo-yo in giant circles at the end of the string "around the world".
How many Spinning riders does it take to power the city of Chicago?