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Pier G., Italian gynecologist, 1862-1929. See: Spinelli operation.
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Iona was the head of Belvedere Spinello, one of the clans of economically strongest Italian mafia of the present time 'Ndrangheta.
Much of this work occurs in the realm of law and ethics, and orients on discussions of the relationship between privacy and other fundamental goods and values (Moor, 2004; Solove, 2004; Spinello, 2015; Tavani & Moor, 2004).
Spinello and Pascal connected most of breakpoints through filtering the sides ofvectorized triangular meshes according to local and global criteria [6].
During the week, TOWN agents will enjoy a private viewing of the Littlest Sister at Spinello Projects; the De La Cruz Collection; Anonimo at M Building; The Margulies Collection; and The Wynwood Walls, the transformed warehouse district which now serves as larger than life canvases for the world's leading street and graffiti artists.
Spinello asserts that "A virus spread when someone passes long the infected code" (208) and You passes long the infected code while she is composing her cyberself Rosa and there appears Shirley virus.
Gucci and Spinello Projects Present "Smell the Magic"
Works by notable artists such as Duccio, Lipo Vanni, Spinello Aretino, Sassetta, Domenico Beccafumi, and Jacopo Bassano originating from Italian cities including Assisi, Siena, Florence, Naples, Bologna, and Venice were featured.
Spinello, Fichbach, Investigar a eficacia * Qualitativo, 2008 [21] do uso de uma descritivo e comunidade na web transversal; baseada na PBL que simula situacoes em * N:21 estudantes de Saude Publica.
Spinello notes that "Wojtyia's philosophy of freedom remains faithful to Thomism, but goes beyond Thomism by carefully exploring the subjective, lived experience of freedom," and it is this grounding in Thomism combined with "his limited openness to contemporary philosophy, especially phenomenological realism" that Spinello finds to establish a promising direction for Catholic philosophy.
John Spinello of Rowley, previously of Wakefield, has been appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors at The Savings Bank in Wakefield.