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Vox populi noun A non-physician—political press agent or publicist—who puts a twist—‘spin’—on an issue or data to colour the results in such a way as to make data, an opinion or argument appear plausible verb To re-formulate or re-interpret information to make it more palatable or less controversial to the audience
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I have met spin doctors and they are not nice people.
Clerks are people who often aspire to become Titans, and occasionally they become Caseworkers or Spin Doctors, but usually they remain Clerks.
Performance created Spin Doctor Pro Bike Build for avid cyclists who prize professional quality, and for busy adults who emphasize value and safety.
The Spin Doctors honed their performing and songwriting skills in downtown Manhattan music scene that nurtured Blues Traveler, Joan Osborne and Chris Whitley.
The basic salary of the most senior spin doctor for the board was between pounds 64,104 and pounds 87,366 - but this didn't include pension contributions, social security and other employer costs.
The revelation that Brendan Howlin wanted to put his spin doctor on a EUR133,600 salary will sicken people struggling to get by on their constantly-shrinking pay packet.
THE REGION'S NHS is paying a spin doctor more than an expert in charge of cancer screening.
Labour councillors, last week, seemed more like police spin doctors than the opposition.
Her counterpart at Plaid Cymru, Alun Shurmer, is the only one of the four spin doctors who has not been a journalist, but that has been no handicap to him.
Unlike the scandals which blew up around spin doctors Jo Moore and Charlie Whelan, Tom Kelly is a civil servant - not a politically-motivated "special adviser".