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Vox populi noun A non-physician—political press agent or publicist—who puts a twist—‘spin’—on an issue or data to colour the results in such a way as to make data, an opinion or argument appear plausible verb To re-formulate or re-interpret information to make it more palatable or less controversial to the audience
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A good spin doctor, on the other hand, will never let a good story get in the way of the truth, he said.
As a live band, the core members of Spin Doctors, Chris Barron (lead vocals), Eric Schenkman (guitar), Mark White (bass), and Aaron Comess (drums), are back doing what they do best, performing rock 'n' roll songs for an appreciative audience.
Transport Secretary Phil Hammond also wants a chief spin doctor on a salary of up to pounds 80,000, while Health Secretary Andrew Lansley is hunting for experts to sell his NHS reforms.
It emerged Gavin Yates - the Scottish Labour leader's third spin doctor in 10 weeks - panned her in an internet blog.
He said: "The PR industry has decided to take on this mantle of being spin doctors but we are not all in politics and therefore shouldn't associate ourselves with that title.
The term spin doctor is,as one would expect,American in origin.
In an age of spin doctors and focus groups," comments the British Catholic weekly The Tablet (Sept.
NEW YORK: The lead singer for the pop group The Spin Doctors has been stricken with a rare paralysis of his vocal chords and doctors fear he may never regain full use of his voice.
Beginning to Read and the Spin Doctors of Science: The Political Campaign to Change America's Mind about How Children Learn to Read
Authors John Stauber and Sheldon Rampton have penned a startling portrait of the poisoning of the American democratic process by the nation's professional spin doctors.
Results of a major study on four out of five spin doctors will be released on Feb.
Caseworkers and Spin Doctors are senior staff members who have sizable turf or portfolios that involve them in various issues and provide significant visibility inside the Beltway.