Spin Doctor

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Vox populi noun A non-physician—political press agent or publicist—who puts a twist—‘spin’—on an issue or data to colour the results in such a way as to make data, an opinion or argument appear plausible verb To re-formulate or re-interpret information to make it more palatable or less controversial to the audience
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Sadly, CJ Puno has this perception of spin doctors that is not based on hard reality.
Her previous spin doctor, former Sunday Mail political editor Brian Lironi, quit after just six weeks.
The public don't trust spin doctors because they have become synonymous with lying," he says.
In other words, if a Caseworker or Spin Doctor keeps such people out of the Titan's hair, it must mean things are going smoothly.
Spin Doctor Pro Bike Build[TM] is a complete home delivery service that ships bikes direct to the front door, professionally assembled.
Alistair Campbell was the ultimate spin doctor for Blair
Okasha is known to have a particularly poor relationship with Paul Sinclair, spin doctor to Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont.
Not after a Plaid Cymru spin doctor accidentally e-mailed their daily "lines to take" briefing to all the journalists in the Cardiff Bay lobby last week.
THE REGION'S NHS is paying a spin doctor more than an expert in charge of cancer screening.
Transport Secretary Phil Hammond also wants a chief spin doctor on a salary of up to pounds 80,000, while Health Secretary Andrew Lansley is hunting for experts to sell his NHS reforms.
The studio guest was spin doctor Alastair Campbell.
Good advice doesn't come cheap, but pounds 23,000 for one consultant spin doctor has created a stink in the civic centre.