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The first step of metabolic pathway of sphingosine1-phospate is hydrolysis in sphingomyeline by sphingomyelinases in turn generating ceramide, a proapoptotic sphingolipid in the cells (Hofmann et al.
ELO3 is recognized as an enzyme which catalyzes biosynthesis of VLCFAs and sphingolipids in yeast, and mammalian orthologues may be equally important in membrane-related functions with regard to sphingolipids (Jakobsson et al.
Results are shown in [Figure 4] where the four principle pathways that most closely represented differences in metabolites between AY and NY groups were sphingolipid metabolism, glycerolphospholipid metabolism, glycine/serine/threonine metabolism, and arginine/proline metabolism; sphingolipid metabolism was the top most altered pathway.
Sphingolipids and polar metabolites were identified based on retention time using authentic standards and quantified by standard curve samples.
monocytogenes Lyso-PE Self Lyso-PC Self Sphingolipids Lyso-Sph Self Glycosphingolipids Sulfatide Self Lysosulfatide Self GM1 Self GD3 Self [alpha]-GalCer Self [beta]-GlcCer Self Lyso-GalCer Self [beta]-GlcSph Self [beta]-GalCer Self iGb3 Self GSL-1 Sphingomonas spp.
Shakhova, "Effects of flavonoids on sphingolipid turnover in the toxin-damaged liver and liver cells," Lipids in Health and Disease, vol.
A higher plant [DELTA]8 sphingolipid desaturase with a preference for (Z)-isomer formation confers aluminum tolerance to yeast and plants.
Sphingolipids, and especially one in particular, ceramide, play a role in regulating the activities of white blood cells known as neutrophils.
They consist of phospholipids, sphingolipids or ceramides.
A total of 116 lipids were identified and quantified by UPLC-TOF ESI-positive mode that were distributed as follows: five classes of glycerophospholipids [phosphocholine (PC) with 20 lipids, lysophosphatidylcholine (LPC) with 6 lipids, phosphatidylethanolamine (PE) with 9 lipids, phosphatidylserine (PS) with 7 lipids, and phosphatidylinositol (PI) with 3 lipids]; diacylglycerols (DG) with 20 lipids; triacylglycerols (TG) with 39 lipids; cholesterylesters (CE) with 4 lipids; and sphingolipids (SM) with 8 lipids.
Mechanism of action of sphingolipids and their metabolites in the toxicity of fumonisin B1.